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Ayurvedic Treatments

Cure the Root and not just the Symptoms

Bodhi Ayurveda targets the root cause of disease

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Congratulations on taking your first step towards greater health and balance of mind, body and spirit! According to Ayurveda, absence of disease is not enough to indicate good health. True health refers to wellness of body as well as mind. The Ayurvedic treatments offered at Bodhi are strictly based on this principle. In our Ayurveda Certification Program, we teach our students about the principles of Ayurveda, their application in day to day life and their benefits in preventing diseases and maintaining supreme health.

Our expert faculties teach authentic Ayurveda practices with transformative effects. Students will learn the basics of determining prakruti and vikruti, Pulse science, nutrition and dietary rules, yogic methods, use of therapeutic herbs, cleansing therapies, preventive medicines and techniques to create absolute health.


Herbal medicine

Pure Ayurveda

We are entitled as the best by the training we offer to students.


Body Toning

Natural Treatment

A complete range of Ayurvedic life style is assured bu us.


Facial Glow

Pure Herbal

A rejuvinerating and cleansing program to make your skin glow.


Natural Methods

Pure Herbal

We sue only herbal medicine and follow ancient practises to ensure best results.


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  • 100% Organic
  • Best Quality
  • hygienic product
  • Quality tested
  • Total Care
  • Increases Immunity
  • Experienced Doctors
  • Best medicine
  • Personally Caring
  • High Success Rate

Become a Cetified Ayurveda Coach

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The certificate will be provided on completion and assessment of theory and practical sessions of the course curriculum. With the certificate, the student can start individual career as an Ayurveda consultant who can diagnose the pulse and gauge disorders by reading facial lines, nails, tongue and eyes.

He/She would be able to detect the tridoshas and prakruti or vikrutri of their clients. They can suggest lifestyle changes and recommend dietary rules based on the principles of Ayurveda. Overall, they can play a big role in transforming the world into a holistically healthy place.

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Dr Dilip Nandamuri

In this present time we are running to know about others. If you want to know about yourself go to Bodhi Yoga Institute. That will be great investment for your happiness in the world. Be selfish and go to Bodhi to know yourself

Pavanraj Nellutla AVP Infosys

For the first time I got introduced to Bodhi in 2015 by accident , and as it is said nothing is accidental but destiny has its on course ,and lord krishna has his own plans After i completed my teacher training , today I feel I am a true example of transformed human in my thinking and actions Bodhi’s Guru Sri Ashokji is a man of conviction who has a single motto , ‘ the well being of humans thru Yoga’ , the institute has evolved to a wellness center and no wonder the wellness of the Hyderabad city is now in safe hands While I can say all the superlatives about the Bodhi wellness center, but one has to experience it than hearing about it

Dr Lakshmi Saleem

For stress Relief and healthy life. Style, Bodhi Wellness centre can guide you in a positive way for Comprehensive, complete total wellness.

Ramam Athmakuri

If you want to attain and experience a state of being healthy in body and mind, Bodhi Wellness is the one stop center. Mr.Ashok healed body and minds of many and helped transform life styles and lives.